Artist Statement

I am passionate about abstract and figurative painting, sculpture, digital art and photography. I am also a gourmet cook, enthusiastic traveler and committed to live a healthy lifestyle while engaging myself to protect nature and wildlife.

I live in connection with nature and would like to share this connection with my viewers, motivate people to reconnect with nature through raising awareness about habitat destruction and wildlife conservation efforts while at the same time giving something back to nature by supporting wildlife conservation organizations. 100% of my art is about capturing natural beauty, its light or even a special instant and to bring it over. Thus, my artworks all have got a modern and refined, elegant look and create a homey atmosphere. As such, it is my special wish to spread happiness and wellness through my art. This is why I donate a part of proceeds from the sale of my artworks to non-profit organizations supporting wildlife.

I put my focus on the conservation of cheetahs, tigers, black-footed cats and sea turtles. I hope we will be able to bring those animals back from the brink of extinction and let them thrive in the wild again. My heart also beats for biodiversity on a global scale, this is why I am committed to conservation projects like The Ocean Cleanup, which develops technologies to remove plastic waste from our world’s oceans, as well as to tropical rainforest protection alliances like the Shipstern Conservation and Management Area, a protected lagoon area in Belize.

Cheetah Outreach

Cheetah Outreach is an education and community-based programme based in South Africa and created to raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah and to campaign for its survival.

Tiger Canyons

Tiger Canyons is an ex-situ conservation project founded by John Varty and based in South Africa. Its mission is to create free ranging self-sustaining populations of wild tigers in the hands of private enterprise in and out of the Asian Continent and create a park where lions, leopards, cheetah and tigers all coexist.

Black-Footed Cat Working Group

The Black-Footed Cat Working Group is researching and collecting information on wild living black-footed cats to help this rare species being protected.


Shipstern Conservation and Management Area is a protected area located in the Corozal District of northeastern Belize.

Are you a curator or gallery owner interested in exhibiting my artwork? Or are you an inspiring art lover and would like to sponsor my artwork?
Great! I’m open for all sorts of professional art projects globally.

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