Cam Bornet is a Swiss contemporary fine artist and gourmet cook currently living and working in Bern, Switzerland.

Autodidact and nature lover, she has taught herself a large array of artistic techniques and now focuses on creating large colorful acrylic paintings as well as pocket-sized heartwarming polymer clay sculptures featuring her mascots, called Lofely angels.

She adds a dynamic, magical dimension to her newest creations by enhancing them with special pigments glowing in the night and under black light. The purpose of her phosphorescent and fluorescent work is to deepen perception of life, enlarging a merely visual perception of life with an introspective and personal reflection about it.


Nature does play a key role in her daily life, inspiring her for each new artistic or culinary creation. As a way of expressing her gratitude towards nature, she is donating a part of the proceeds received from the sale of her artwork to animal welfare organizations, wildlife conservation funds as well as for ocean and rainforest preservation projects.

Her refreshingly positive attitude towards nature and daily joie de vivre are both reflected in her artwork and give each final product a authentic, unique warm-hearted luscious signature.

Born in Switzerland, Cam Bornet grew up in Crans-Montana, known as the sunniest mountain resort in Switzerland, a place featuring an internationally-renowned golf courses, upmarket designer shops and breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps from Matterhorn to Mont Blanc. Being able to grow up in this cosmopolitan atmosphere in the middle of awe-inspiring surroundings provided her with openness of mind and a deep admiration for nature.


Thus from the day she could hold a pencil, she has always felt a strong desire to share her fascination with the outside world through her artwork. During her formative years, she drew realistic horse and animal portraits, short comics and created her mascots, the Lofely angels. Over the course of the next years, she honed her artistic skills with portraiture and open figure drawing sessions. Her self-driven approach and curiosity led her to experiment with various techniques like vine and willow charcoal, sanguine pencil and pastel drawing, digital illustration, chinese ink, aquarelle, gouache and acrylic painting as well as wood carving and clay modeling. It is through her experimentations that she develops her own joy-filled communicative artistic style.

Clay Sculpture

Moving out of home to pursue higher studies, she then got to discover another passion: preparing delicious healthy fresh meals by cooking from scratch, dressing them tastefully on the plates, seeing in every dish an ephemeral piece of art. Naturally and gradually, she has been writing down her best recipes and taking pictures of them, growing her own recipe collection. Mixing her artistic skills with her cooking experience, she wishes to share her love of simple pleasures and healthy lifestyle choices by publishing her own cookbook.